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Mechanical Steel Tubing
Flo-Coat® Steel Tubing Why the Flo-Coat® process is the superior method of galvanizing steel tubing.
Gatorshield® Steel Tubing An extra-heavy layer of zinc for even greater rust and corrosion protection.
Gatorstitch® Staple in Framing System
Oval Tube® from Allied Offers a fresh alternative for round shapes with the added benefit of being stronger.
High Strength Galvanized Structural Steel Tubing Larger sized, heavier-gauged products.
Galvanized Steel Tubing for Construction Steel tubing will not rot, shrink, split or warp, and is non-combustible.
Qwik-Coat® Tubing Provides a commercial quality substrate with a coating, which will readily accept a wide range of liquid or powder topcoats.
Agri-Tube 60 Agri Tube 60™ galvanized steel tubing has been developed exclusively for the dairy industry. This extremely strong, corrosion-resistant tubing gets its superior properties from our unique Flo-Coat® manufacturing process.
Flo-Coat 50 We guarantee a minimum of 50,000 psi yield strength with our Flo-Coat 50. This high-strength galvanized steel tubing is ideal for engineered metal structures.
Super Strength 65 Super strong, corrosion resistant galvanized steel tubing for engineered metal structures.
Gatorshield® for Outdoor Structures Gatorshield® tubing outperforms aluminum for outdoor structures.
Gatorshield® Revolutionary new structural tubing product.
Tectron Commercial Quality Tubing
Tectron Tube Division The product and service capabilities of our commercial quality division.
Telespar® Telescoping Tubing
Telespar® Telescoping Square Tubing Among the world's best known and most trusted engineering support systems.
Custom and Fabricated Products
Fabrication Capabilities Fabrication Guidelines for Allied's Galvanized Steel Tubing.
Custom Roll Form Shapes Roll form capabilities from the leader in tubular technology.
Swaging Capabilities The easiest method for joining separate tubes, can reduce or eliminate your need for welding.
Pile on the Protection! Powder-coat over galvanized steel tubing for extra corrosion protection.

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