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Allied's 50/50 with GatorShield vs. G-90 Pregalvanized Tube

Product Comparisons
  • Salt spray tests on the respective tube OD's and ID's were conducted by Scientific Control Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, IL, in accordance with ASTM-B-117. These independently conducted salt spray tests verified that 50/55 with GatorShield is truly superior to a G-90 pregalvanized tube product.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield OD is coated in-line first with a 0.6 oz./sq. Ft. Zinc coating followed by a chromate coating and, a clear organic top-coat. This triple coating produces a "synergistic" effect that has greater corrosion resistance protection than the sum of the individual coatings. Most G-90 galvanized tube products do not provide this "sealed in" triple coat corrosion resistance.
  • The ID of Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield has a corrosion resistant zinc rich coating which is applied after the tube is electric resistance welded and completely covers the interior of the tube. When pregalvanized G-90 tube is welded, the ID weld area is left bare...unprotected since the ID cannot be re-metalized. This means that exposed metal is immediately left to be attacked by all corrosive elements. This exposed area, of course, is more subject to rust than GatorShield's completely coated ID surface.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield delivers a minimum 50,000 PSI yield strength and a minimum 55,000 PSI tensile strength. Pregalvanized G-90 tube product offering's advertise only "target" yield and tensile strengths.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield utilizes a special high grade zinc material (meeting ASTM-B-6) which has a minimum .003 lead content. G-90 products typically have a higher lead content level. By having the lowest lead content achievable, 50/55 with GatorShield will keep noxious fumes, which are generated during the welding process, to an absolute minimum.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield's patented manufacturing process delivers uniform mechanical/physical properties on a consistent basis. This consistency (especially during bending operations) allows the manufacturer/fabricator to save a great deal of time and money during tube processing operations. The resulting savings means overall lower production costs.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield has a smooth, shiny, clean will not flake during fabrication. In addition, our synergistic triple coating retards oxidation (graying down) and flaking common to pregalvanized tube products.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield offers exceptional application versatility... it can be painted using most liquid or powder coatings readily available in the marketplace.
  • Allied's 50/55 with GatorShield offers superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments. For over 15 years GatorShield has been the market standard of excellence for commercial greenhouse applications...a marketplace where Allied now commands a dominant market position.

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