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Advantages of Galvanized Steel Tubing

Our galvanized steel tubing offers the following advantages over other zinc products...

Appearance - Tubing is shinier and smoother than any competitive product on the market.

Strength - Cold-forming and quenching process creates greater yield and tensile strength than competitive products.

Corrosion Resistance - Tubing exhibits greater corrosion resistance than other tubing because the triple coat process passivates the zinc to slow down the white rust growth process, and our clear topcoat then "seals in" the protection. Our triple coat process resists rust longer than any pre-galvanized (G-60, G-90, or G- 115) or zinc electroplated tubing.

Fabricating - Tubing is easily bent, swaged, and wall-to-wall flattened without deformation of our triple coat protection. In Addition, our tubing will not flake or chip when fabricated like competitive products or hot dipped products.

Welding - Tubing is easily welded in the same manner as welding bare steel. Our tubing contains the lower lead content achievable (99.99% pure zinc); so lead oxide fumes generated during welding are kept to an absolute minimum.

Painting - Tubing is easily painted or powder coated. Our clear topcoat not only reduces the general corrosion rate of the zinc but also acts as a primer for painting or powder coating. Extensive pre-cleaning is unnecessary, and excellent adhesion is achieved, even at high baking temperatures.

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