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Agri Tube 60 Steel Tubing

Q: What makes Agri-Tube 60™ the only choice for your dairy operation?
A: Superior Strength... Unparalleled Durability... Ease of Fabrication, and Cost Effectiveness
Agri-Tube steel tubing for dairy farmsAgri-Tube steel tubing for horse farms

Agri Tube 60™ galvanized steel tubing has been developed exclusively for the dairy industry. This extremely strong, corrosion-resistant tubing gets its superior properties from our unique Flo-Coat® manufacturing process.

Agri-Tube 60 galvanized steel tubing
  • Greater Structural Rigidity
  • Consistent Fabrication Properties
  • More Ding and Dent Resistant
  • Easier Handling
  • Reduced Freight Costs Per Installation

Allied's Agri-Tube 60™ galvanized steel tubing is specifically designed for the high degree of strength and corrosion resistance required by your dairy operation. At a minimum of 60,000 psi yield, Agri-Tube 60 is at least 20% stronger than the competition.

The Proof Is In The Coating

galvanized steel tube product comparison Because of the unique-triple-layer galvanizing provided by the Flo-Coat® process, your free stalls, gates and self-locking panels remain free from rust five to ten times longer than "generic" painted steel products.

Our patented coating not only creates a formidable barrier between steel and the environment, it also provides an easy-to-fabricate surface that can be readily welded, bent or flattened - without any deformation of the coating.

See what a difference Allied's Agri-Tube 60 can make to your dairy operation! With increased structural rigidity, greater load-carrying capacity and impact resistance, enclosures and stalls built with Agri-Tube 60 will be durable, functional, and attractive for years to come.

Contact one of our Sonco Tube professionals about your dairy or farm project that needs Agri-Tube 60 steel tubing. We are standing by to provide additional information or to provide a free quotation for your next tubing project.

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