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Allied vs. Pre-Galvanized Products

  • Allied products exhibit superior corrosion resistance, both inside and out. Pregalvanized products do not provide the "sealed in" protection of the Flo-Coat® process. On the inside, a corrosion resistant zinc rich coating is applied after the tube is welded, and completely covers the interior. When pregalvanized tube is welded, the ID weld area is left bare; unprotected since the ID cannot be re-metalized. The exposed metal is immediately left to be attacked by all corrosive elements. The OD weld is re-metalized, but is still highly susceptible to corrosion.
  • Allied's 50/55® with GatorShield delivers a minimum 50,000 PSI yield strength and minimum 55,000 PSI tensile strength. Pregalvanized tube product offerings advertise only "target" yield and tensile strength.
  • Allied utilizes a special high-grade zinc material (meeting ASTM B-6) which has an average 13 ppm lead content. Pregalvanized products typically have a much higher lead content level. By having the lowest lead content achievable, Allied zinc products can keep noxious fumes generated during welding to an absolute minimum.
  • Allied's Flo-Coat® process provides all tubular products with a smooth, shiny, clean appearance that will not flake or chip during fabrication. In addition, the synergistic triple coating retards oxidation (graying down) and flaking common to pregalvanized tube products.
  • Unlike Allied's products, tubing manufactured from pre-coated steel coils/sheets requires special surface treatment prior to the application of paints or powder coatings; otherwise, proper adhesion is not obtained. These pre-treatments may include phosphate, anodizing, conversion coating, or use of a special primer. Whichever process is utilized, it will add cost to the end product and possibly generate hazardous waste materials. Furthermore, a re-metalized weld seam on the OD will have different characteristics than the rest of the surface, and may cause poor adhesion of paint and powder to that area of the tube.
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