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Allied vs. Schedule 40 Steel Pipe

  • Allied's galvanized products resist rust and corrosion at least 45% longer than galvanized Sch. 40 pipe.
  • Hot-dipped products, like galvanized, generally have a higher lead content than Allied's products, which are galvanized with "four-nine" zinc, which is 99.99% pure
  • Allied's Flo-Coat® process is safer and better for the environment. Increased Federal and State EPA issues are restrictive to the hot-dipped galvanizing process. These restrictions will make hot dip processes prohibitive, and may result in a decline of processors and cause availability problems.
  • 50/55 with GatorShield is significantly stronger (66%) gauge for gauge, yet is at least 31% lighter (OD/OD) than galvanized Sch 40 pipe. Less weight means easier handling and installation in the field, particularly in areas where material handling equipment is unavailable or the site is inaccessible.
  • Allied's in-line galvanized process, which involves heating and quick cooling of the tube, enhances the mechanical properties of the finished product. 50/55 with Gatorshield delivers a minimum 50,000 psi yield strength, and greater impact resistance than hot-dipped Schedule 40 pipe.
  • 50/55 with GatorShield can be easily fabricated...bent, swaged, wall-to-wall flattened...without deformation of the triple layer of protection. Galvanized Sch 40 tends to flake and chip during fabrication.
  • Unlike Allied's uniform exterior and interior coatings, the pipe hot-dipping process provides an inconsistent, rough surface finish that can result in poor coating coverage, as well as an inferior aesthetic appearance.
  • 50/55 with GatorShield is available in a wide range of lengths to meet specific customer requirements. In contrast, galvanized Sch 40 pipe is typically sold only in 21 foot standard lengths.

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