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Gatorshield® Steel Tubing

The Stronger, Cost-Effective Option for Construction Projects

Gatorshield® steel tubing is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant structural tubing for residential and commercial construction. Gatorshield® has significant advantages over aluminum, including:

  • Lower Material Cost
  • Greater Strength and Structural Integrity
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Lower Risk of Post-Installation Failure

Gatorshield® Makes Projects 60% Less Costly

Gatorshield® makes construction projects less expensive than aluminum for several reasons:

  • It Costs 50% Less Than Aluminum
  • You Need Less per Project (Because It’s Stronger)
  • It Has a Lower Risk of Failure From Welding, Wind, Snow or Ice
  • You’ll Run a Lower Risk of Theft and Vandalism (Aluminum’s Scrap Value is 10x Higher)

When it comes to cost effectiveness, one thing is for sure: Gatorshield®’s advantages add up.

Gatorshield® Is Stronger Than Aluminum

Thanks to its greater structural integrity, Gatorshield® requires fewer linear feet of material per structure. That translates into longer life and lower costs for your project.

Gatorshield® ductile steel tubing boasts an approximately 30% greater load carrying capacity than aluminum. Its superior hardness makes framing and support structures much more resistant to everyday dings and dents, too.

Finally, Gatorshield® withstands the bending and forming required for custom designs and equipment. Aluminum, meanwhile, age-hardens while in storage and can break during any fabrication process, causing costly scrap losses.

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