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200,000 Miles: General Information About the Mechanical Tube Division

Curious about Allied, the manufacturing industry’s major supplier of steel tubing? Learn about their history and product specifics, including QA and testing – why they’ve been relied on for over 40 years.

Allied’s Mechanical Tube Division is the leading supplier of galvanized and commercial quality steel tubing to both manufacturers and metal distributors in many consumer and industrial markets. The mechanical tubing manufactured by Allied Tube & Conduit annually, if laid end-to-end, would stretch for more than 200,000 miles!

Allied Tube & Conduit was founded more than 40 years ago when a technique was developed to run welded tubing through molten zinc while still “on-line”. The resulting Flo-Coat®process not only revolutionized the steel tubing industry at that time, but also created a culture of innovation that continues at Allied today.

200,000 Miles

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers…

Every time Allied has entered a new market, it has been with innovative products designed to cut costs without sacrificing performance. Allied changed the electrical construction industry with the introduction of IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit), a lighter, stronger, and less expensive alternative to heavy wall rigid conduit. Allied “XL” galvanized sprinkler pipe, introduced to the fire protection industry in the early 1980’s, was the first metal piping product to be developed specifically for use in sprinkler systems. And Allied’s Gatorshield® galvanized steel tubing, combining superior corrosion resistance and high yield strength, has become the product of choice for many OEM and structural applications.

In 1987 Allied was acquired by Tyco International, giving Allied the resources to sustain its continued growth and emphasis on research and development. Tyco (NYSE:TYC) is a worldwide corporation whose continued growth and success has given Allied the ability to invest in upgrading and improving equipment, processes and products. In the last five years alone, Allied/Tyco has spent nearly $200 million dollars to improve facilities, increase capacity, advance technology and introduce new products.

But what does all that mean to a purchaser of steel tubing? It means Allied can offer a wider range of products, better quality tubing, shorter and more flexible lead times, as well as technical and marketing assistance. The bottom line is that Allied is positioned to better serve its customers… one order at a time.

Allied offers the widest range of product options in the tubing industry.

  • Sizes from 0.500″ – 5.000″ outside diameter
  • Variety of shapes: round, square, rectangle and oval. Specialty shapes upon request.
  • Galvanized products with exterior coating weight range of 0.4 to 1.0 oz/ft2
  • Commercial quality products with a Qwik-Coat™ primer or oil-coated finish on the exterior
  • Galvanized or commercial quality products with or without corrosion-resistant interior coating
  • Various tube strength options to meet specific end-use applications
  • Fabrication options… precise cutting, punching, swaging, bending, threading, powder-coating, embossing, etc.


To assure conformance to Allied’s high standards, rigorous quality tests are performed on incoming materials. The steel used in the manufacture of Allied’s mechanical tubing meets ASTM A-569; the zinc is a special high-grade 99.99% pure spelter conforming to ASTM B-6.

The most important aspect of our Quality Assurance program is ensuring that our customers receive the very best components for their end products. The successful design and manufacture of those products is dependent upon the success of our QAprogram. The following tests are just a part of our overall quality initiative:

Mechanical Tests

  • Tensile Test—Determines the tensile strength of the tube by applying force until failure.
  • Flexural Test—Evaluates bending strength by applying a concentrated load on a freely supported tube.
  • Metallographic Analysis—Electron and optical microscopy helps us achieve the proper combination of metallic structure and mechanical properties.

Weld Quality Tests

  • Eddy Current Testing
  • In-line Laser Image Monitoring

Coating Tests

  • Coating Analysis—Pre-shipment samples are examined for viscosity, color, cure rate and solids.
  • Salt Spray Testing—Corrosion resistance is continuously monitored by exposure to salt fog per ASTM B-117.

Salt Spray Tests – Galvanized Products


The UL’s ISO 9000 Registration Program is designed to evaluate and register facilities to the International Organization for Standardization standards for quality. The objective of this program is to provide independent assurance of our facilities’ capability to consistently provide products which conform to given specifications. To date, our two major manufacturing facilities have been evaluated to these quality standards and registered to ISO 9002.


Allied is committed to continuously improving our products and processes. Between our six manufacturing facilities, we have over 50 engineers and technicians on staff. With numerous new product introductions and continuous product refinement, the technical development group is a vital part of Allied’s success. This group is also available to our customers for consultation on issues such as product design and fabrication.

Allied Tube & Conduit has been making high-quality, galvanized steel tubing for over 40 years. During these years we have grown significantly, introduced many new products, improved our processes and helped our customers meet their demands time and time again. So now it’s time to compare: check out all the benefits of being an Allied customer.

Product Benefits

  • Wide Variety of Coatings
  • Wide Range of Shapes & Sizes
  • Cost-Effectiveness vs. Competitive Products
  • Superior mechanical properties allow for down-sizing / down-gauging
  • Lighter for ease of handling, assembly and installation
  • Unmatched corrosion resistance for longer product life
  • Primer topcoat ready to paint or powder coat
  • Consistent fabrication characteristics
  • Manufactured to customer specifications
  • Various carbon levels for specific strength needs
  • Steel/chemistry traceability

Company Benefits

  • Part of Tyco International
  • Long-term financial stability, resources
  • Commitment to quality products
  • Continuing product innovation
  • All products made in North America

Service Benefits

  • Allied Personnel
    • Knowledgeable/experienced sales force
    • Responsive Customer Service Team
    • Over 50 engineers/technicians
  • Total Logistics Network
    • Nationwide Manufacturing/Distribution
    • Rail, truck, water, air and intermodal transportation
    • Customer Stocking Programs
    • Industry Stocking Programs
  • Fabrication Options
    • Embossing
    • Powder Coating
    • Punching
    • Secondary Cutting
    • Stencilling
    • Swaging
    • Threading
  • Technical Support
    • Engineering
    • Product Design
    • Process Development
    • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing Support
    • Sales Lead Generation
    • Co-op Advertising
    • Co-op Sales Literature
    • Direct Mail Programs
    • Market Research
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