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Gatorshield® vs. Pre-galvanized

Allied Gatorshield tubing is unique because of its Flo-Coat corrosion-resistance process. View a side-by-side comparison, and see why Gatorshield is a top choice for industrial applications.

Allied’s Gatorshield® and Pre-galvanized tube are two of the most common types of galvanized tube used in the industry. The purpose of these materials is to protect your application from corrosion and provide the strength needed to support it. Gatorshield® has significant advantages over Pre-galvanized tube because of our Flo-Coat® technology.

Gatorshield vs. Pre-galvanized

Gatorshield® vs. Pre-galvanized

Gatorshield® Layers of Protection

Pictured: Competitor Pre-galvanized tube

Pictured above is a perfect example of the importance of our in-line process. The exterior weld area on the Pre-galvanized tube is more susceptible to rust due to their inconsistent re-metalizing process.

The Process

Gatorshield® provides outstanding corrosion protection because of the synergy created between the three coatings. The conversion coating passivates the zinc to slow down the white rust growth process, and the clear topcoat then “seals in” the protection. On the inside of a Gatorshield® tubing is a corrosion-resistant zinc based coating applied after the tube is welded, and completely covers the interior.

The Process

Pre-galvanized products cannot provide the “sealed” protection that Gatorshield® can. When pre-galvanized steel is formed and welded, the inside cannot be remetalized. The bare ID weld seam is immediately left to be attacked by all corrosive elements. The exterior of the weld is remetalized, but is still far more susceptible to corrosion than Gatorshield®.

Corrosion Protection

  • 100% coated on inside (ID) and outside diameter (OD)
  • 3 layers of protection on OD

Corrosion Protection

  • Bare ID weld seam and varying metalizing process on OD Weld seam
  • 2 layers of protection on OD

Material & Appearance

  • Minimum 50 ksi yield strength*
  • Allied’s Flo-Coat® process provides tubular products with smooth, shiny and a clean appearance that will not flake or chip during fabrication.

Material & Appearance

  • Offers only “target” yield and tensile strength
  • Manufacturing process can cause small blisters which can result in surface defects in powder coating and flaking in fabrication

Flo-Coat® Process Delivers consistent long-term Strength, Quality, and Reliability

Allied Tube & Conduit Quality Assurance

The most important aspect of our Quality Assurance program is to ensure you receive the very best components for your end products. We preform rigorous quality tests throughout the manufacturing process and check the gauge and width to provide you the highest quality tube on the market.

Have you checked your Gauge?

Some tube manufacturers claim their tube meets ASTM wall thickness requirements…but unfortunately, their product DOESN’T. This could be critical to your application and a safety risk if it does not meet the job spec. The Allied Advantage is knowing you are purchasing a quality product that meets ASTM requirements.

No other product on the market can match our Gatorshield® superior strength, reduced weight, advanced corrosion protection and formability. Accept No Substitute!

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