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Large Size Tube Fabrication

One advantage of Allied’s specialized knowledge is their ability to manufacture large diameter and heavy-gauge tubing. See all the details and specifications for bending, punching, welding, and more.

Tube fabrication is a complex and highly technical discipline, requiring some specialized knowledge to obtain the optimal result. No two fabrication projects are the same! Some tube manufacturers offer secondary fabrication of their tube products, but none can match the capabilities and range of services that Allied can provide. Bending, swaging, punching, cutting, welding, end finishing and powder coating are just some of the fabrication options from Allied. One option that makes Allied unique is the ability to fabricate large diameter / heavy wall tubing. Allied can bend, swage and cut tubing up to 5.000” round and 4.500” square tubing, as heavy as 8 gauge. See the following pages for some of our capabilities – if you don’t find what you need, contact our Kokomo, IN fabrication facility at (765) 459-8811, or see our website at

Large Size Tube Fabrication


Allied has a variety of benders – compression, twin head, three roll and mandrel – capable of bending either vertically or horizontally. With the addition of a new #4 Pines Bender (see photo at right), we have expanded our tube bending capabilities up to 5.000” round and 4.500” square, complementing our other large diameter tubing fabrication options.


O.D. Range
2.5” to 5.00” 14 to 7 gauge
5.00” OD, 24” radius 11 gauge
4.50” OD, 22” radius 11 gauge and 7

3.50” OD, 18” radius 11 gauge
2.875 OD, 10” radius 12 gauge


Draw Swaging gives Allied an advantage in the tubing industry with the ability to swage large squares and rectangles. As with any ram die, the swage that is produced is smooth and free of segment lines. These machines are capable of swaging one or both ends of the tubing.


O.D. Range
Round O.D. Range 0.750” – 2.375”
Square/Rectangle O.D. Range 0.625” – 4.000”
Gauge Range 11 – 20 gauge
Tube Length Range 12” – 294”
Length of Swage 1” – 7”
Std Length Tolerance ±1/8”


The large segment swager can swage round tubing as large as 5.000” OD, and as heavy as 8 gauge.

On a segment swager, the die actually opens to the size of the mother tube, then squeezes the tubing down to a specific dimension. During the swaging process, some minor ridges are formed on the swaged area.


O.D. Range 1.500” – 5.000”
Square/Rectangle O.D. Range 0.625” – 1.500”
Gauge Range 10 – 20*
Tube Length Range 18” – 288”
Length of Swage 1” – 8”
Std Length Tolerance ±1/8″

*Wall thicknesses heavier than 12 gauge 0.109” nominal may require a second pass to produce a swage longer than 4 inches.


Allied has punch presses ranging in size from 10 tons to 125 tons. Tubular applications of the punch press include: piercing, notching, flattening, coping, pun ching, slotting (with or without a mandrel) and specialty re-cutting. Flat stock and plate can be stamped to produce brackets and fittings.


Allied’s capabilities include MIG and resistance welding of tubing and plate stock to produce custom parts.


Allied has a variety of cold saws and bundle saws for a wide range of secondary cutting capabilities for large size tubing as heavy as 4 gauge.


Tubing up to 120” in length can be brush deburred or chamfered.


Allied can custom powder coat your finished product or components – contact us for standard colors and finishes.


Other value-added services offered by Allied include:

  • Assembly
  • Crimping
  • Expanding
  • Flaring
  • Fulfillment
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Prototyping
  • Sourcing

If you have any questions about these parameters, or about any of Allied’s fabrication capabilities, please contact us at (765) 459-8811 or (800) 225-5433.

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