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GatorStitch™ is a revolutionary product making a dramatic impact on the fabric structure industry. The product is made of 18-gauge, high-strength 50,000 PSI yield steel, galvanized and clear-coated for superior corrosion protection! GatorStitch™ uses the same tools, PVC Trims, and Covering Techniques as our Aluminum Staple-in Extrusions.



Advantages of Steel Tube Framing

  • Can be welded to existing steel for retrofits or large structures!
  • High yield strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Greater bending load
  • Stiffer deflection
  • Lower cost
  • Save 15%-30% compared to aluminum!

Advantages of Staple-In Framing

  • Covers are wrinkle-free and drum-tight
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Works with any awning or flex-race sign fabric
  • Reduced fabric wear resulting from increased fabric-to-frame attachment points
  • More complete transfer of uplift wind loads through Increased fabric-to-frame attachment points

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