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Tectron Tube Division

Tectron TubeTectron operates with the objective of total quality and continuous improvement. We align our operational and production efficiencies with the demands of our customers. The result is a product that is manufactured to meet your expectations and specifications.

Beyond today, we will work in tandem with you on new product introductions and even aid with design. Our sales and administrative staffs will work closely with you to develop new sizes and additional capabilities. It is with that mindset that we have achieved the breadth of product line and capabilities that we offer today.

Tectron Tubing – It’s Everywhere You Look

Tectron tubing is used in a multitude of applications. These uses range from everyday functional items to high performance products such as:

  • Office Furniture
  • Cafeteria Tables
  • ATV’s
  • Lawn Mowers/Snow Blowers
  • Farm Equipment

A Complete Product Line

With such a wide-range of uses Tectron must be versatile. Tectron is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wall thicknesses for use in the majority of mechanical applications.

Tectron Tubing Size Chart

Precision, High Quality Mechanical Tubing

Our Tectron mechanical tube products are produced to ASTM A513 specification, holding tight dimensional tolerances. Time and time again we have demonstrated our ability to produce a quality steel tubing product with best in class weld integrity and surface condition.

We have built our capabilities around industry requirements, including various ID flash controlling, weld temperature monitoring, end finishing, and more.

tectron tube

Tectron Mechanical Tube

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