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Gatorshield® Tough

What is Gatorshield®... and Why is it Gator Tough?

Gatorshield® is our patented triple layer Flo-Coat rust and corrosion resistant product protection which has shown himself to be the best over the long haul versus all competition products offerings. When rust and corrosion protection is needed…Gatorshield® is Gator Tough.

In addition, our zinc interior coating provides the inside of the tube with maximum corrosion and rust protection. Inside and out…Gatorshield® is the best…and has been the best product choice for over 30 years.

What Else Should I Know About Gatorshield®?

  • It’s available in round, square and rectangle shapes…in a ½” to 5″ O.D. size range…in a .028 to .250 wall thickness (gauge) range.
  • It delivers to all end-users a smooth, shiny appearance.
  • It can be easily fabricated…with no deformation or flaking of the base material.
  • We stock Gatorshield® tubing in all of our locations to conveniently serve you.  Get a Quote Today!

How Does GatorShield® Compare With the Competition in Terms of Rust and Corrosion Protection?

Gatorshield® Galvanized Salt Spray Tests

What About Strength Options Available With the Gatorshield® Triple Coat of Protection?

  • Gatorshield® is available in a wide variety of yield and tensile strengths.
  • Commonly requested are 25 gauge (.072 wall thickness) and heavier, 1.000″ to 5.000″ O.D., for high strength and super strength structural steel tube applications which require specific mechanical properties.
  • Some typical properties asked for in the O.D. and Gauge combinations described above include:
  • High Strength 50/55® = 50,000 Minimum PSI Yield/55,000Minimum PSI Tensile
  • Super Strength 65™ = 65,000 Minimum PSI Yield/70,000 Minimum PSI Tensile
  • 60/75® = 60,000 Minimum PSI Yield/75,000 Minimum PSI Tensile
  • Call us …we have the strength properties you need to meet your specific high strength applications.

How Does the Gatorshield® Coated Tube Perform in Terms of Fabrication Properties Versus Competitive Product Offerings?

A comparison of the requirements for fabricating outdoor structures of Gatorshield® and aluminum reveal major advantages for Gatorshield®:

Gatorshield® ductile steel tubing withstands the bending and forming required for custom awning designs, recreational equipment, etc.. Common tempers of aluminum, however, continue to age-harden while in storage, and can break during any fabrication process, causing costly scrap losses.

Aluminum loses approximately 50% of its strength in the weld area, which could cause post-installation failure if welds are not located in low-stress areas of the structure during its design. In addition, welding of aluminum, or using aluminum electrodes, which contain magnesium, can result in unsightly black deposits.

Steel structures require significantly fewer welds as indicated in the table below and the engineering drawings to the left. The result is lower welding labor costs for Gatorshield® structures. Welding Gatorshield® also requires less expensive equipment and materials. And, unlike aluminum, Gatorshield® can be easily welded in the field.

Gatorshield® steel tubing is easily and less expensively painted or powder coated than aluminum, offering variety in color, texture, and sheen to enhance design possibilities and aesthetic appeal. Because Gatorshield®’s third coat has the same paint chemistry and surface consistency as costly primers, finish adhesion is excellent, providing a long-lasting, attractive appearance.

How Does the Gatorshield® Coated Tube Compare to Pre-galvanized Tube?

Gatorshield® vs. Pre-Galvanized

What About Painting of Powder Coating Over Gatorshield® Triple Coat Finish?

It’s easy to paint or powder coat over our galvanized steel tubing.

Simple surface cleaning of the tube is required due to normal transportation and storage related accumulated soils. Merely wipe off such soils with a mild cleaning solution.

Our galvanized steel tube coating will also withstand in-line chemical cleaning baths and rinses. At the same time, our coatings will not damage or contaminate any part of your cleaning systems.

Gatorshield® steel tube products are protected by a clear, organic top coating which provides excellent adhesion properties to most thermo-set powder coatings, as well as to the following air dry and bake topcoats:

  • High bake thermostat acrylic
  • High bake alkyd
  • High bake polyester
  • Two-part urethane or epoxy
  • Solvent-based paints for metals
  • Solvent-based paints for wood
  • Solvent-based high-solids paints
  • Oil-based paints
  • Paints for car bodies or appliances

As you can see, almost all powder or liquid paints will work well over our Gatorshiled® product. If the paint/powder coating you are using does not fall into one of the above categories, or you have any questions, please Contact on of our experienced experts for more specific information.

What About Welding Gatorshield®?

Gatorshield®’s zinc coated finish welds quickly and easily under working conditions and utilizing prescribed welding procedures. Allied’s galvanizing process utilizes a 99.99% pure zinc alloy with significantly less harmful lead content than generally encountered with pregalvanized tube and hot-dipped Schedule 40 products. This means that the lead oxide fumes generated during welding are kept to an absolute minimum.

When welding ant galvanized tubing, it is important to restore the corrosion resistance of the weld zone to that of the surrounding tube area. This is easily accomplished by using Allied’s custom touch-up paint, which has been specifically developed for this purpose, and is available directly from Allied.

If you would like more in-depth information on welding galvanized steel tubing, or the various methods of restoring corrosion resistance to weld areas, please Contact your sales representative for a copy of Allied’s Welding & Painting Guidelines.

What About Treading Gatorshield®?

On 15 gauge and heavier products, in all popular pipe sizes, standard threading procedures apply.

With lighter-gauge tubing, the threading tolerances must be proportionately modified. For detailed threading procedures, please see Allied’s Galvanized Steel Tubing Threading Guidelines. They are available from your local sales representative, or call our Gatorshield® specialists at 888-766-2613.

What About the GatorShield® Steel Tube Product as it Relates to ASTM Standards?

  • Base Metal: The steel strip used in the manufacture of Mechanical tube shall conform to ASTM A- 569 for 1008-1010 Carbon Steels. For 1015 through 1022 Carbon Steels the steel strip shall conform to ASTM A-568.
  • Zinc: The zinc smelter used in the manufacture of Allied’s Mechanical tube conform with ASTM B-6 High Grade Special High Grade Zinc.
  • Chemical Composition: In accordance with ASTM A-500.
  • Materials Testing: In accordance with ADTM-500 and ASTM E-8.

How Does Gatorshield® Perform Vs. Schedule 40 Pipe?

Allied’s 50/55® significantly outperforms galvanized Schedule 40 pipe, gauge for gauge, in every way…and weighs at least 31% less (OD/OD) in popular pipe sizes.

Allied guarantees minimum yield strength of 50,000psi…55,000 tensile strength (fracture point). Yet the test results show that Allied’s 50/50® with Gatorshield® yield point was 17% greater than the guaranteed minimum. The galvanized Schedule 40 pipe, however, fractured at 56,200 psi pulling force.

And when compared with aluminum pipe, 50/55’s superior strength characteristics are even more dramatic, with an average 60% greater load carrying capacity in tension.

Plus, Gatorshield® offers the added benefits of easier, more reliable welding, increased structural rigidity, greater impact resistance and substantially lower material cost than with aluminum Schedule 40 pipe.

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