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What is Flo-Coat® and how is it different than batch hot-dip galvanized tubing?

Flo-Coat® is a galvanized steel tube that is produced using the in-line galvanizing process. The Flo-Coat® method employs technologies to triple coat the steel tube with the purest form of western grade zinc, clear conversion coating formula, and clear organic top coating. Flo-Coat® demonstrates synergistic performance of the conversion coating and clear organic top coating in protecting the zinc layer, which is not employed by hot-dip galvanizing.

Because of the substantial retardation of initial white rust formation due to this synergistic performance, Flo-Coat® at a minimum can last for the same period or for a longer period of exposure compared with hot-dip galvanized pipe before they exhibit the same level of corrosion failure.

The inside surface of Flo-Coat® tube is always coated with a true zinc-rich coating bearing 87% – 93% zinc dust loading by weight. The resin in these coatings is formulated with an epoxy-silicone compound that is cured at extremely high temperatures to impart an excellent coating tenacity.

How does the strength of Allied’s In-line Galvanized products compare to competitive products such as pre-galvanized tube and hot-dip galvanized pipe?

Allied’s In-line Galvanized products demonstrate excellent strength characteristics, frequently superseding those of competitive products. Most products that are 15 gauge (0.072” nominal) and heavier achieve 50 ksi min. yield and 55 ksi min. tensile. The chart below demonstrates Flo-Coat® yield strength on a comparative basis.

Yield Strength 50 ksi 42 ksi 35 ksi 19 – 42%

Based on products 15 gauge and heavier.

What is the difference between Flo-Coat® and Gatorshield®?

Flo-Coat® and Gatorshield® are manufactured from the same process yet yield different coating weights, benefitting different applications. Flo-Coat® is intended for applications that are either indoors or will ultimately receive a final coating of paint or powder coating. Flo-Coat® demonstrates our standard coating level of zinc at 0.30 oz./ft.2.

What do the coatings do for the products?

Coatings add to the life of our products by providing longer durability against normal environmental corrosion. Coatings improve the appearance of the tubing, and they prepare the tube surface for specific end uses.

Do you produce anything other than in-line galvanized mechanical tubing?

Yes. We also produce tubing products that are not coated such as HRP&O (Hot rolled pickled and oiled), Cold Rolled (CR), and pre-galvanized substrate.

Can I buy less-than-truckload quantities?


Can I weld in-line galvanized mechanical tube?

Yes. Allied’s tube can be easily welded because we use pure 99.99% Organic zinc grade for our in-line products. Our in-line galvanized tube is applied in a controlled process on the mill achieving a smooth, even coating. This process makes it much easier to weld and reduces the amount of hazardous fume emissions in the welding process compared to hot-dip galvanized.

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