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Allied Tube & Conduit’s Flo-Coat® in-line galvanized tubing provides the precise inside diameter measurements to ensure the exact bearing fit for conveyor systems to run properly.  Over the years Allied’s engineers developed a method to perform inside diameter control causing the tolerance variation to shift to the outside diameter of the tube.  The Flo-Coat® in-line galvanized tubing also provides advanced levels of corrosion protection while maintaining a smooth, shiny appearance due to clear organic topcoat.

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Flo-Coat® Features and Benefits for Conveyor Applications

  • Advanced Topcoat – The clear organic topcoat seals in the protection producing a smooth, shiny appearance.
  • Tight O.D. and Ovality Tolerances – Provides lower TIR readings and quieter conveyor systems; allows systems to run at higher speeds.
  • Tighter Steel Gauge tolerances – Provides a superior bearing fit Available Tube Sizes – ½”-5″ O.D., including 50mm and 60mm. We also stock common conveyor tubing sizes and are readily available.
  • Fabrication – Ease and consistency with roll-grooving. Cutting services are also available for supplying pre-cut conveyor tubing to desired lengths and tighter length tolerances.

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