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Sonco Mechanical Tube Division is the leading supplier of commercial quality and galvanized steel tubing.

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Sonco Tube Industries

galvanized tubing for awnings

Frame and Awning

Triple Coated galvanized tubing is the preferred choice for the design and fabrication of Awnings and other Fabric Covered Structures.

galvanized steel tubing for construction


High Strength Galvanized Steel Tubing for Residential & Commercial Construction.

galvanized tubing for conveyor systems


Triple Coated in-line galvanized tubing provides the precise inside diameter measurements to ensure the exact bearing fit for conveyor systems to run properly.

steel tubing for agriculture

Agriculture, Dairy, & Hops

Triple layer galvanized coating creates a formidable barrier between steel and the environment.

gatorshield tubing for greenhouses


Since the industry’s early days, triple coated galvanized tubing has been the preferred choice for greenhouse and shade structures.

galvanized steel tubing for playgrounds


Keep your playground safe with the added protection of triple coated in-line galvanized steel tubing.

galvanized steel poles for satellite


Optimize your ground dish mounts with our galvanized steel poles.

steel tubing for structural rigidity

Other Industries

All of our products offer excellent structural rigidity and superior load carrying capacity.

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Sonco Tube Territories

Sonco Pipe and Tube proudly serves various territories in the Northeast, Midwest, and Great Lakes regions as the leading wholesale distributor of Mechanical Pipe and Tubing as well as industrial Pipes, Valves, and Fittings.

Sonco Tube FAQs

What do the coatings do for the products?

Coatings add to the life of our products by providing longer durability against normal environmental corrosion. Coatings improve the appearance of the tubing, and they prepare the tube surface for specific end uses.

Do you produce anything other than in-line galvanized mechanical tubing?

Yes. We also produce tubing products that are not coated, such as HRP&O (Hot rolled pickled and oiled), Cold Rolled (CR), and pre-galvanized substrate.

Can I buy less-than-truckload quantities?


Can I weld in-line galvanized mechanical tube?

Yes. Triple coated tube can be easily welded because we use pure 99.99% Organic zinc grade for our in-line products. Our in-line galvanized tube is applied in a controlled process on the mill achieving a smooth, even coating. This process makes it much easier to weld and reduces the amount of hazardous fume emissions in the welding process compared to hot-dip galvanized.

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