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Solar Panel Racks

The formable, weld friendly and excellent strength characteristics of out corrosion resistant steel tubing provide for long-lasting support for the solar arrays and ground mounts.  A wide variety of round and square sizes gives you the flexibility to create the best design for each individual project.

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Boat Trailers

Our triple coat tubing is an excellent choice for the manufacturing of boat trailers.  The unique in-line process offers superior corrosion protection, optimum formability, and a consistent uniform finish.  Use for winch tube, frame tube, boat rest, axle tube, and cross tube.

Access Flooring

Because of the cold-working, heating, and quenching of our tubing, our in-line galvanized tubing products exhibit greater strength characteristics that are typically required for the pedestals used for access flooring.  Sonco products offer excellent structural rigidity and superior load carrying capacity.  A wide variety of sizes and shapes are available to meet your needs.

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