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Allied’s unique triple-layer galvanized coating not only creates a formidable barrier between steel and the environment, it also provides an easy-to-fabricate surface that can be easily welded, bent and/or flattened without any deformation of the coating. With increased structural rigidity, greater load-carrying capacity and impact resistance, your agricultural products will be durable, functional and attractive for years to come.

Dairy Stalls

Allied’s Gatorshield® finish is the preferred choice for dairy stall manufacturers. Gatorshield®’s advantages include ease of fabrication (bending, welding, and swedging), unsurpassed corrosion protection, and excellent strength.  The In-line galvanization process provides a triple coat finish that is smooth and shiny, unlike commercial grade Hot-dipped galvanized.

In addition, the 99.9% pure zinc is lead-free and will not harm precious livestock. With Gatorshield® your agricultural products will be durable, functional, and attractive for years to come.

Hop Posts

In the past hops have been grown using wooden poles laid out in a trellis grid, with plants growing as tall as 18 feet every year.

Sonco Pipe & Tube has developed a Galvanized Steel hop trellis system using 4” square x 11 ga. tubing.  This system uses half as many posts as a wooden system, and lasts three times longer. Because of the Steel’s exceptional yield and tensile strength, the galvanized steel posts can be spaced 90 feet apart instead of the 28-56 feet spacing required in a wooden pole system

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Hop Trellis System Install Information           

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Farm Gates

Allied’s steel tubing products are used in a wide variety of agricultural products.  The formable, weld friendly and excellent strength of Gatorshield® corrosion resistant steel tubing provides for long lasting farm gates, and eliminates the need to paint or use secondary operations.  The In-line galvanized process provides 99.99% pure zinc, a triple coat that is smooth and shiny, and it’s lead-free.  With Gatorshield®, your agricultural products will be durable, functional, and attractive for years to come.

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