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Telespar® Telescoping Square Tubing

Telespar Square TubingThe TeleSpar® sign support system does more – and does it better – than anything else in its class. You simply won’t find better performance at any price. Yet, no other product makes available dollars work so hard or go so far.

The reason is simple. The TeleSpar® system was engineered specifically for sign support use, then perfected with the help of traffic-control professionals. In short, we listen. That’s the reason TeleSpar® has become the most complete, cost-effective and easiest-to-use sign support system in North American.

A Complete System

The TeleSpar® system consists of square, perforated, welded steel tubing, in eight sizes and three gauges. Perforations or knockouts on all four sides allow you to mount signs back-to-back and on adjacent sides.

The unique manufacturing method used to produce TeleSpar® tubing permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size making adjustment, reinforcement and splicing fast and easy. The square shape also provides superior windload capacities and torsional stability.

TeleSpar® tubing is complemented by a variety of compatible fittings, accessories, nuts and bolts, and simple installation tools, creating an engineering system of integrated parts.

THE TeleSpar® SYSTEM IS BACKED BY NATIONWIDE DISTRIBUTION. With TeleSpar® tubing, you get the benefit of our distribution system, through our sister company Unistrut Distribution, which extends throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Large inventories ensure that multiple sizes of TeleSpar® tubing are in stock. Local distribution points can provide for immediate orders and prompt delivery. Large orders are sent directly from the factory, thereby avoiding warehouse costs.

Square Tubing Sizes and Specification Table

Square Tubing Ground SupportGround Support Options

Single Breakaway Anchor: using either manual or power equipment, a minimum 30″ section of 12 gauge TeleSpar® tubing is driven into the soil to serve as an anchor base. 1″ to 2″ is left exposed above the surface. One man working at ground level can safely and easily insert a 14 gauge signpost into the anchor base and bolt it in place. Installation time is thus kept to a minimum. Signs can be bolted onto the post before installation.

Two-Piece Breakaway Anchor: a two-piece breakaway system is easily created by adding a 12 gauge outer sleeve of the next larger size tube to the original anchor base. This additional sleeve, approximately 18″ long, provides a double wall thickness to accomplish the breakaway function. When installing in soil, it is advisable to drive the anchor base and outer sleeve together, leaving 1″ to 2″ of the assembly exposed above the surface. The signpost is then inserted and bolted into the anchor assembly.

TeleSpar® Specifications

  • Material – Steel posts conform to the standard specification for Hot-Rolled Carbon Sheet Steel, structural quality ASTM designation A570, Grade 50.
  • Shape – The cross section of the post shall be a square tube formed of 10 gauge (.135″ U.S.S. Gauge) or 12 gauge (.105″ U.S.S. Gauge) or 14 gauge (.083″ U.S.S. Gauge) steel, carefully rolled to size and welded in the corner.
  • Length – the length of the post shall be specified on the purchase order with a length tolerance of + ¬”.
  • Fabrication – furnished members shall be straight and shall have a smooth uniform finish. It shall be possible to telescope consecutive sizes of tubes freely with a minimum amount of play.

Quik-Punch Specifications

  • Material – Steel posts conform to the Standard Specification for Hot Rolled/Carbon Sheet Steel, structural quality. ASTM Designation A570 Grade 50.
  • Finish – In-line, hot-dip galvanized zinc coating per AASHTO M-120, followed by a conversion coating and a clear organic topcoat.
  • Yield Strength – 60,000 P.S.I. minimum. Telescoping Properties – Posts are straight, smooth, and readily telescope with conservative forger size, 1 2-gauge TeleSpar® tubing.

FHWA Approved System Installation

Single Breakaway Anchor: A single breakaway anchor system allows work crews to perform around installations and rapid replacement of signposts after vehicle impact. When installing the system, the anchor should be one size larger than the signpost and driven using an appropriate size drive cap. All anchors should be driven into the ground leaving 1 to 2 holes exposed for signpost connection.

Two Piece Breakaway Anchor: High impact installations require constant replacement of damaged posts and anchors. An additional 18″ outer sleeve, one size larger than the anchor is used to double the anchor wall thickness at the critical bending area. This system will provide quick replacement of damaged signposts without the need to reinstall a new anchor into the ground.

Direct Embedded: Signposts can be driven directly into the ground without anchoring sections, using a drive cap with sledge or power equipment.

Note: All anchors should be 12 gauge TeleSpar® tubing.

Looking for more on Telespar Telescoping systems? Contact one of our Sonco Tube professionals who are standing by to provide additional information or to provide free quotation for your next tubing project.

Sqaure Fit Tubing

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Contact one of our Sonco Tube professionals who are standing by to provide additional information or to provide a free quotation for your next project.

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