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Painting Guidelines for Allied’s Galvanized Steel Tubing

Painting/Powder Coating

When you weld galvanized steel tubing, all protective coatings are vaporized, thus leaving a raw, unprotected area in the weld zone. Salt spray tests have proven that powder coating over zinc could increase the product life 4-6 times. For customers who powder coat, and are concerned about corrosion protection in the weld zone, we would like to suggest four cold galvanizing compounds that are heat resistant (up to 750° F) and act as a primer for powder coating. They are: ZRC cold galvanizing compound (battleship gray); ZRC Galvilite cold galvanizing compound (shiny); Rustolastic #24-A-120 (sales code 073258); Kalcor 75% zinc dust epoxy primer #61-2373. Allied’s galvanized tube products are protected by a clear organic top coating which provides excellent adhesion properties to most thermo-set powder coatings, as well as to the following air dry and bake topcoats.

Best Paints for Galvanized Steel Tubing with Allied’s clear organic top coat:

  • High-bake thermoset acrylic
  • High bake alkyd
  • Two-part urethane or epoxy
  • High bake polyester
  • Solvent-based paints for metals
  • Solvent-based paints for wood
  • Solvent-based high-solids paint
  • Oil-based paints
  • Paints for car bodies or appliances

Paints requiring individual evaluation:

  • Water-based latex paints
  • PVC, fluorocarbon paints, or when special primers are required
  • Water-based high-solids paints
  • Silicone paints and caulk
  • Watercolors, tempera, or artistic paint

Cleaning Flo-Coat® Tubing Prior to Powder Coating

Allied’s unique in-line Flo-Coat process provides an excellent finished tube surface which can be readily post-coated with either a powder or a liquid coating application and curing process. Allied’s manufacturing process applies three layers of protection on the steel tube; zinc, conversion coating, and a clear priming polymer, resulting in a clean and ready-to-coat tube as a final product. The cleaning of the tube surface for post-painting or powder coating is required only for the removal of the surface contaminants deposited on the tube surface during storage, transit, handling, or processing. No additional pre-treatment is required for improving the coating adhesion over Allied’s products. Benefits of using Allied’s Galvanized Products when Powder Coating If a surface grinding process is required in your powder coating operation, it demands additional manpower and maintenance expenses. With Allied’s galvanized products, there is no need for the use of this abrasive cleaning process.

The only cleaning that is required when powder coating over Allied’s galvanized tubing is to remove the dust and dirt that builds up during storage, transportation, and handling. A light detergent or simply a warm water wash is all that is needed. If the tubing is not smeared with a greasy or oily film, a simple wiping action does the job.

The clear third coating on Allied’s products acts as a primer for powder coating and liquid coating applications, exhibiting excellent adhesion and abrasion characteristics. For those that require a high-temperature baking process, it is heat-stable for the normal curing cycle (450° for 10-12 minutes). The advantages of using Allied’s triple coated products are numerous from the processing point of view. However, the biggest benefit is from the phenomenal corrosion resistance that can be exploited from the synergism of powder coating over Allied’s galvanized surface. Recent salt spray tests showed that scribed powder coating over untreated tube peeled 1«” after only 549 hours. No significant creepage was found at 3000 hours on Allied’s Flo-Coat product.


How to paint galvanized metal.

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