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Telescoping Square Tubing

Telescoping Square Tubing

Your Versatile Choice In Galvanized, Square, Telescoping Tubing.

Telescoping Square Tubing with or without holes, can be used for almost any application: racks, shelving, ceiling grids, conveyor systems, interior partitions, adjustable platforms, material handling devices, scaffolds, strapping machines, hangers, support members, protective railings, sign supports, etc.

No special welding, tools or assembly procedures are needed!

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Suitable for a vast range of applications, Telescoping Square Tubing saves time time and labor.

Added Versatility with Telescoping

The secret to Telescoping Square Tubing versatility is its ability to telescope, allowing smaller sizes to fit smoothly and snugly into the next larger size. This is made possible by high-speed roll forming technology with high-frequency resistance welding. This produces smooth corner welds within very close tolerances, reducing your fabrication costs.

DOT Approved!

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DOT Approved!

Material Specifications

  • Tubing must be Telescoping Square tubing conforming to manufacturer’s standards.
  • Tubing must be corner welded by high-frequency resistance welding and externally scarfed to agree with corner radius.
  • Tubing with plain finish is roll -formed from 12 or 14 gauge hot-rolled steel, ASTM A – 1011
  • Grade 50, pickled and oiled. Galvanized finish, roll-formed from 12 or 14 gauge hot-rolled steel, galvanized material conforms to ASTM A – 653
  • Grade 50. Average minimum yield strength after cold forming is 60,000 PSI.

Available Sizes

Telescoping Square Tubing comes in five sizes, from 1-1/2″ to 2 – 1/2″ square.
Perforated holes are 7/6″ and spaced on 1″ centers. Sections without holes are available.

Telescoping Square Tubing is galvanized per ASTM A -653 G-90, then receives a conversion coating and a clear organic topcoat to prevent rust and corrosion.

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Many Different Uses! Let us help with cutting, welding, and more!

Wall Thickness Tolerance

Permissible variation in wall thickness is + .011, – .005 inches.

Convexity and Concavity

Measured at the center of the flat side, tolerance is ‡ 010 inch applied to the specific size determined at the corner.

Straightness Tolerance

Permissible variation in straightness is 1/16 in 3 feet.

Corner Radii

Standard corner radius is 5/32″ 1/64.

Weld Flash

Weld flash on corner welded square tubing shall permit 9/64″ radius gauge to be placed in the corner.


Consecutive size tubes shall telescope freely for ten feet.

Tubing Without Holes

12′ and 24′ standard lengths in stock. Custom lengths available.

Tubing With Holes

Standard lengths are 10′, 12′, 20′, & 24′. Custom lengths available.

Hole Tolerance

Tolerance on hole size is # 1/64″ on a 7/16″ Hole size: Tolerance on hole spacing 士 1/8” in 10 feet.

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