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Galvanized Steel Awning Framework

Corrosion-Resistant, Galvanized Steel Awning Frames

Get Long-Lasting, Triple-Coated Steel for Awning and Covered Structure Framework

It almost goes without saying that some awnings perform better than others. A temporary or fabric awning will only last so long after wind, rain, snow, and time.

When you need an awning that will consistently endure storms, high winds, hail, and snowfall, there is nothing better than triple-coat, galvanized steel.

Not only is it strong, it’s visually appealing and corrosion-resistant.

At Sonco Pipe & Tube, we only offer best-in-class, galvanized steel for frameworks with reliable, structural integrity – inspected and tested from start to finish.

The Triple-Coat Advantage for Awning Frameworks

Sonco Galvanized Steel Delivers:

  • Enduring Performance: Double the performance of pre-galvanzied tubing! Can resist the bending and forming required for custom awnings.
  • Enduring Strength: Minimum 50,000* psi yield strength and 55,000 psi tensile strength
  • Rust-Resistant: Unmatched corrosion protection
  • Easy Fabrication: Triple-coat, galvanized steel tubing is capable of extreme fabrication without damaging the coatings.
  • Easy on the Eyes: The clear organic topcoat that seals in the protection produces a smooth shiny appearance.
  • Easier Welding: A 99.99% pure zinc coating means that it can be easily and safely welded.
  • Tube Certifications & Nationwide Distribution Available

Extra Value for Your Framework Project:

  • Welding: Ability to weld to certain job specifications
  • Swaging: Round and Square swaging for clean connections
  • Cutting: Secondary saw cutting to meet precise length tolerance
  • Drilling: Standard and custom hole configurations

All without deformation, chipping, or flaking!

*Applicable to products 15 gauge or heavier.

Discover the amazing, cost-effective performance of galvanized steel tubing from Sonco Pipe & Tube, for your next awning project!

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